• About Fabricate!

    Fabricate is a store/gallery hybrid space in Northside featuring unique art and locally handmade/upcycled items. Shoppers can also pick up a few basic art/craft supplies while shopping for unique handmade gifts.

Ideal Form

“I am an artist currently living in Cincinnati. I moved from Chicago a little less than a year ago. I lived, studied and worked in Chicago for 15 years. During my time in Chicago, I attended the American Academy of Art, where I learned the fundamentals of art and life drawing. Then, I studied painting … Continue reading


Connectivity is a collection of drawings, prints and paintings that explore the connections between ourselves—specifically our bodies—and the natural world.Emily Louise Howard was born in Burlington, Vermont. She was raised in Erlanger, Kentucky and educated at the University of Kentucky, where she received a B.F.A. in painting. Emily went on to get her M.F.A. in … Continue reading

Dog Moon Bear

Katie Swartz is a native Ohioan and a full time art teacher at a community school in Bond Hill. She has been throwing pots steadily for about six years now. Her creative efforts are split between ceramics and crochet and she credits her travel and relationships as being highly influential to her work. Swartz has … Continue reading


Coined by Tor Nørretranders in his book The User Illusion, the word “exformation” refers to explicitly discarded information. When two people with a shared understanding or experience communicate, there is a vast amount of information that is left unsaid and only implied. Shared context provides the meaning. Shorthand messages and suggestive body language can speak … Continue reading


      “Goldmine” is a collection of new work by Sally Harless, a full-time artist in Bloomington, Indiana. Every piece depicts one of Harless’ favorite animals, each with its own particular golden element. The work is largely about the discovery of hidden confidence, optimism and courage. Her drawings are reminiscent of children’s book illustrations … Continue reading

Jazz Paintings Opening Saturday, June 8th

This weekend for Northside Second Saturdays we are excited to partner up with our neighbor, Visionaries and Voices, to bring you “Jazz Paintings.” The weather is looking to be glorious, so it’ll be a perfect night to take a stroll down Hamilton Ave. Signing every piece of art ‘Romando Love as Manny Love’ Manny embodies … Continue reading


Donald Crank was born in the small Chicago suburb of Evanston and lived in a nearby community until he was four. From four to twelve, he lived in Pakistan where his family carried out missionary work. Since then, he has spent the bulk of his time in Cincinnati. “My artistic influences began with animation and … Continue reading

Shameless Traveler

Shameless Traveler is a collection of photographs taken over two years, across twenty-three countries, and three continents. Stephen Bischoff set his camera, and his heart, to discover the beautiful in the mundane, the weird and the extraordinary. “This collection of photographs is a dedication to the shared experience of life on this planet, which in … Continue reading

Things Your Food Might Say (and other thoughts from Kentucky)

Things Your Food Might Say (and other thoughts from Kentucky) is a show of new handmade tiles by Rick Hoffman. Over the past eight years, Rick has developed a style of stoneware recognizable by its colorful glazes, vintage images and bawdy sayings. His work is fired three times to set homemade decals into the glaze. … Continue reading

Love Kills.

“I asked my psychiatrist to look at my cartoons, and he said: ‘Not now — I’m going through an existential crisis.’ Maybe he was right not to look. My cartoons reveal the treachery of love, sex and trust and make my viewers laugh at the demons hiding in the dark places of their minds.” Brian … Continue reading