Practice Forever

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for Practice Forever: New works by Charlotte Conway.

Originally from Cincinnati, Charlotte Conway has shown in many local galleries and art shows for the past decade. Her grandmother and mother are both quilters, which is where Charlotte has drawn much of her inspiration. She fondly remembers going through their stacks and bins of fabric and buttons as a little girl. Her mother shared with her the vintage fabric her grandmother used to make matching outfits for dolls. From there, Charlotte had a great start with sewing, making her own “stuffed friends,” quilts, purses and clothing.

This was also the start of the seamstress inspired jewelry that Charlotte would later make. Having a mother who sewed, and a father who is a junk collector, were a big influence on the direction of her work. Her creations display evidence of frequent trips to the flea markets and antique shops with her father. On these excursions, she collected various treasures to accompany and inspire her jewelry and design process. She also handcrafts fine silver pendants and charms, including images of dresses, corsets, and sewing notions, while using little quilts, scraps of fabric, buttons and sewing themes to tie it all together.

After four years of college for an art education degree, Charlotte realized she just really enjoyed the art side of the degree. Working after college for a costume jewelry company, she was always dreaming up her own ideas while making someone else’s come to life. She needed more artistically and got a job working at a local bead store, where she could use all of the walls and walls of beads, gemstones, and fixings for her very own. Charlotte constantly had the bead store’s inventory in her mind at home while designing. Even after taking and teaching jewelry classes, she found herself still needing more. She moved to California for a stint, to attend The Gemological Institute of America, where she received a degree in Applied Jewelry Arts. Still, no matter how many classes she has taken or “creative” jobs she has had, nothing teaches her more than just being able to sit around her collections of jewelry and sewing accoutrements and just making.

Fabricate welcomes you to join them for Charlotte’s newest collection, potable beverages and sweet-ass tunes.

Afterward, follow everyone down to Mayday for the Fabricate after-party and Boozing My Religion!!!


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