Kevin Pogo Curtis

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for Over The Fence: Views and Objects from Places You’re Not Really Supposed to Be.

Saturday, July 9th – 7 to 11 PM.

Most people tend to stick to the beaten path, take the quickest route from point A to point B, and strictly obey the signs warning them against entering forbidden zones. Of course, there are a few people out there who have almost a compulsion to find out what lies on the other side of that fence, under that railroad trestle or inside that abandoned factory.

Perhaps it is that same spirit that has always driven the human race to explore and quest to find out “what’s over there?”

Since the earth has pretty well been mapped and trampled upon by humankind over generations, and space travel is possible only for a privileged few, we turn to the re-discovery of places and things time and it’s keepers have forgotten.

Kevin Pogo Curtis is taking us on jaunts to the latter verboten places with this newest exhibition of painting and objects.

“The images here are mostly imagined, but definitely inspired by views from some less traveled areas in and around the city. The found object pieces are made from actual objects I discovered while exploring these random places,” says Pogo.

“Most of the substrates I use are things either found in the trash
or purchased at a re-use store, such as table tops, doors, countertops, etc.”

Pogo was born in Middletown, OH. When he’s not busy being the soup, salad and sandwich savant of Northslice Pizza, he’s constantly creating paintings and showcasing them at various galleries, bars and coffee houses around Cincinnati.

Please join us for his newest collection, potable beverages and lovely patio hangoutage.

Afterward, follow everyone down to Mayday for the Fabricate after-party and Boozing My Religion!!!

Do heed the call of the dance floor.

One Response to “Kevin Pogo Curtis”
  1. Kara says:

    Chris, that painting is BEAUTIFUL. Hope we can make it out tomorrow. 🙂

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