Darling Black-Hearted Boy

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for Darling Black-Hearted Boy, featuring works by David Armacost, on Saturday, August 13th from 7–11 PM.

When Armacost was a child he dabbled in art, but wasn’t especially talented or interested at that age. He was much more enthralled with reading and engrossing himself in literature. He had a vivid imagination and could lose himself in a good story for hours at a time. In college, this love of narrative eventually manifested itself in his artwork and has become a crucial component to the process in his current series.

Almost every work of art tells a story. Sometimes it is through a pictorial narrative, and other times through the artist’s hand, as layers of media and mark are built up. David’s work is heavily steeped in both. Some of the works follow the travels of a nameless lone wanderer who encounters various creatures and situations along his path.

“On one hand, they function to mirror a literary story of the traveler that I have been in the process of writing, while simultaneously the works are metaphors for real life encounters or important moments that I have personally experienced,” says Armacost.

“The mediums that I use tend to vary from piece to piece, depending on what kind of overall mood or atmospheric effect that I am seeking to achieve; however, there are certain staples that I find myself relying on often. In printmaking, I find myself returning again and again to drypoint etchings. This is both because of the rich tradition of drypoint in art history and because the tale of the lone wanderer takes place almost one hundred and fifty years ago. The overall appearance of the drypoint gives the works an aged feel of a print made long ago.”

In 2011, Armacost received his BFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and now is pursuing his MFA at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fabricate welcomes you to join them for the new exhibition and potable beverages generously supplied by our pals at Mayday.

Afterwards, follow everyone down to Mayday for the Fabricate after-party and Boozing My Religion!

It is Northside Pridefest 2011 weekend too! So all kinds of fun stuff is going down in Hoffner Park and all our neighborhood bars!



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