Bluebelles: Life Magazine Portraits From The Mid 20th Century

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for Bluebelles: Life Magazine Portraits From The Mid 20th Century.

What was forgotten in a dusty corner of an old bookstore in downtown Cincinnati is discovered once again, breathing life back into the iconic Life magazine cover. Using meticulous stencil design and spray paint, Bluebelles takes images of a bygone era and casts them in an urban medium.

Aaron Cross, a Kentucky native and Northside, Cincinnati local, combines his longtime enthusiasm for street art and early Americana in his newest exhibition. As a child, he honed an illustrative skill for barns, birdhouses and rural landscapes. Now, as an adult, the allure of spray paint manipulation fuses those romanticized visions with a contemporary aesthetic.

“Peeling back the last layer of stencil releases the life of a photograph long forgotten,” says Cross.

Come join us for the new art show, potable beverages and patio hangoutage. This show also kicks off the inaugural night of Northside Second Saturdays, so make sure you hop around to partake in all of the other fun things going down in the ‘223 that night!*

Afterwards, follow everyone down to Mayday for the Fabricate after-party and Boozing my Religion!

*’Like’ the Northside Second Saturdays page for more deets!


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