We Are Nowhere And It’s Now

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for “We Are Nowhere And It’s Now” on Saturday, October 8th from 6-10 PM.

Mixed Media Paintings + Sculpture by Lizz Godfroy (Lily In Flux)

In 1998, Lizz Godfroy went on a road trip across the country with her mom. She’d been dying to see the open road and get outta dodge. They drove from Maine to California and back in her pick-up truck.

She was into photography at the time, so she snapped a bazillion pics along the way. When she got back and developed the film, she realized that everything photographed was either dilapidated, rusting or abandoned–not the sparkly lights of Las Vegas or the new attractions of the west, but the dying roadside cafes, bullet ridden vintage cars in half-caved in garages and bleached animal bones along the road side. By the end of the trip, the dashboard was littered with found objects and dead things.

“I’m sure I knew it before, but at this moment I accepted the fact that I was thoroughly obsessed with all things old, broken and discarded,” says Godfroy.

Since then she has been creating work from these old things. Whether it be jewelry, functional objects, assemblage or paintings, it all begins with something repurposed.

“There is so much history with objects and images that have been around the block. The mystery, stories and aesthetic value that go along with these items inspire me like nothing else.”

In this exhibition, the layers of time and materials all add up to a new story.

“One that I hope is at least as intriguing as the original parts,” says Godfroy.

Join us for the new show, potable beverages and Northside Second Saturdays!

Afterwards, follow everyone down to Mayday for the Fabricate after-party and Boozing my Religion!


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