A Compendium of Cross-Stitch

Sarah P. Fisher is a native of Akron, Ohio. She attended Oberlin College, where she graduated with a BA in Art Appreciation (aka: Art History). Having no idea what to do with such a degree, she spent the next year working and traveling in Europe. With the economy collapsing and a useless degree, she eventually found herself in Bloomington, Indiana pursuing a Masters in Library Science, while sharing a tiny apartment with her now fiancée. It was those cramped quarters, combined with long hours of unemployment, that led to the current incarnation of her business: Purple Hippo Stitches.

Sarah started cross-stitching at the age of ten, thanks to being taught by her aunt. While she found it immediately addictive, she was ultimately unsatisfied with the teddy bears, angels and biblical quotes. In college, she discovered a wonderful book called Subversive Cross-Stitch that proved cross-stitch needn’t be nice or cute. With this newfound knowledge, she soon began to design her own patterns.

The pieces in this show combine traditional patterns with modern day pop culture references. They seem to adhere to the strict rules and rigid structure of cross-stitch, drawing from the traditions of Russia and Scandinavia to Victorian times and early New England. What appears to be a treasured keepsake, however, is filled with profanity, hip-hop lyrics, favorite movie one-liners and a bevy of oddities and vulgarities.

“They offer a cathartic experience for the viewer and stitcher alike—A feeling of rebellion against everyday vexations. In the moment, one may scream a list of profanities to purge their frustrations, but taking the time to sit down and s l o w l y stitch the word “Fuck,” while stabbing a needle repeatedly into fabric, offers a pretty and hilarious tangible result for years to come,” offers Sarah.

With her Masters degree finished, Sarah has repeatedly put off the job hunt to participate in indie craft shows and events throughout the Midwest, including Renegade – Chicago and Cincinnati’s own Crafty Supermarket. She’s currently based out of Bloomington, IN, but plans on relocating to the Cincinnati area soon.

This one is absolutely a show not to be missed while partaking in all of the Northside Second Saturdays festivities. Afterword, trickle on down to Mayday for the after-party and Boozing My Religion.

You know the drill and you like it!

*THIS SHOW may be a little racy for the kiddos, so keep that in mind, parental units. This ain’t your grandma’s cross-stitch!


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