A Secret Garden

Kateri Sparough moved to Northside when she was five. She is the daughter of a professional juggler and a fiber arts teacher, so experimentation and fascination with texture are in her blood.

Sparough has traveled to nearly all the fifty states and has been to France, Italy, Rome, Venice, Greece, Sweden and Germany. It was during her travels that Kateri discovered a passion for the decorative arts. She attended the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program, with an emphasis in 3D art.

She loves working with stoneware and porcelain. Her pieces range from slip cast porcelain to abstract hand built shapes.

You’ve seen her other incredible Freakworks pieces in our store in the past. What looks from a distance to be standard white porcelain, upon closer inspection reveals pieces that are delightfully whimsical and bizarre in the best possible way.

Please join us for her latest concoction, A Secret Garden, along with potable beverages and all the fun that is Northside Second Saturdays on March 10th from 6pm-10pm.

“These jars, dressed as flowers, are the place to put your secret. The beauty is, even if someone reads your secret, they won’t know its yours.” -K.S.

Anonymously sharing a secret of your own, garners you someone else’s in return.


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