Be riddled with joy. Celebrate life. All of it. The reason to celebrate is here and now and everywhere. Then spread your joy around so others can revel in it.

This gathering of needle-worked photos and assemblages is a little glimpse at how Abby Langdon (abbydid) looks at the world.

“My intent is to be more conscious of the present, to appreciate every glorious moment surrounding me. As my focus shifts away from myself and onto all the beauty I move through every single day, I see something amazing around every corner. Take a look around you. What do you see?”

Abby Langdon is the one woman mastermind behind abbydid: a craftastic enterprise responsible for all manner of plush goodness, such as the Wibbly Woo and Knucklebiter. She is best known for her work in the indie craft world under the latter, where she creates plush creatures and accessories for the young and young at heart. Her plush has appeared in magazines, group exhibits and a myriad of craft shows across the country.

In a former life, she was an art school drop-out, changed her major five times, got engaged after ten weeks, and domesticated. She reads a lot, loves to travel, vegetates in front of the TV, zumbas and is a total sucker for stray animals. She married a “hottie” and has a raging addiction to chai lattes. Langdon claims her finest creations are her two children, which were co-produced with her graphic designer husband. She resides in the West Side of Cincinnati, where she was born and raised.

Abby studied photography and fine art, among other things, at Northern Kentucky University. Her photographs and sculptures have been exhibited in various group shows.

This is Abby Langdon’s first solo art show, and we’re super-pumped to have her bestow it upon fabricate.

Learn more about her work at

It’s spring and time to shed off our bitter winter skins and the tribulations of the past, at least for one night. If plush goddess Abby can’t make you feel warm and fuzzy for a minute, i’m quite confident no one can. Come out and celebrate life for this April edition of Northside Second Saturdays!


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