Oh, Smell the People!

On Saturday, June 9th from 6-10 PM, Fabricate features the opening reception for “Oh, Smell the People!” by Michael Reuter.

Reuter considers himself a product of the “Big Three”… for better or worse. Growing up in the Midwest, he was raised among the giants of America’s past. Once home to powerful institutions of labor and industry, many have vanished into the collective night.

At an early age he began appreciating these giants, while at the same time resenting them. Learning, questioning and exploring, in addition to formulating original thoughts along the way, further cultivated this interest. His perspective reflects a belief in trying to understand the past to form a better future.

Reuter uses mixed media art as his vehicle of expression to explore the values of working class industrial America and how it contributes to the rebellion of youth.

Please join us for the new show’s opening soiree, whilst hopping around to see art, shop, imbibe and eat in the ‘223 for the June edition of Northside Second Saturdays!



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