Tough Love

Evangeline Bauerle was born and raised in the K.Y. and has a day gig as a designer at Landor. It was like pulling teeth to extract an artist bio from her, even though in real life she’s amazingly sassy, smart and witty, albeit with a soft-spoken voice and a side o’ shy.

This was the original artist statement she sent to me:

“Evangeline Bauerle is a brutal hardass. Just kidding, that’s not true.”

She thinks that the title of ‘artist’ is overused and only after being probed said: “I guess i’m a designer…who does art.”

She tells me she got into Norweigen death metal a few years back and loved the whole aesthetic of it, and says Tough Love is somewhat inspired by that.

“These normal dudes who live with their mom, feed their pets and clean their underwear laundry. This whole facade of being tough, but really being people who have to do normal, commonplace stuff everyday.”

“I always wish I could be a tough-looking chick, but people can see right through you,” she says.

With Tough Love, Evey explores that thing within all of us that makes you want everyone to think that you’re tougher than you really are. Using watercolor, pen and ink, and bleached fabric—because she likes the idea of addressing dark subject matter with what is sometimes considered “cheesy landscape” mediums—she juxtaposes a softer palette against harder topics. It’s a little manifestation of her own trying to be tough and the humor she sees in everything.

In her own words: “This is an art show about misfits, weirdos, freaks, hate, love, hiding, and doing normal shit.”

We’re into that.

Please join us for the opening reception this Saturday night (Aug. 11), whilst hopping around Northside for the August edition of Northside Second Saturdays!


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