Celebrating Three Years!!!

We’ll be celebrating our three year anniversary with an opening reception for our new show Tabula Rasa.  Tabula Rasa is a small collection of painted illustrations by Sara Gelbert, which represent the awe of nature after half a decade in an urban environment. The neglected becomes essential. Ignored details are the focus. The natural beauty we are surrounded by every single day becomes glaringly obvious within the right context.

With an artist for a mother, it comes as no surprise that the most creative period in Sara’s life was her childhood. Between selling friendship bracelets to the neighbors and building

 a magical village in the woods behind her house, she cultivated a need to make and do. But apparently a keen eye for color theory and design weren’t enough. It took years of half-assed projects and unpacked and neglected studios for nature and nurture to align themselves. After five years in Chicago, a move back to her childhood home was just the ticket. Surrounded by trees and stars, it was impossible to not be swept up in the nostalgia and magic of nature. And most unexpectedly, revisitation of the simpler things that had always existed before the quest to find more, ultimately engaged the creativity she was always striving for. Almost two years back in Cincinnati, and two fully functioning studios later, she is still swept up.We’re happy she decided to share it with us for our Three Year Anniversary show and we’d love for you to come out and share this milestone with us! Without your loyal patronage and bountiful handcrafted awesomeness from a bevy of clever artisans and designers, we wouldn’t have made it this far. This also coincides with the November Edition of Northside Second Saturdays, which is pretty much our favorite night in the neighborhood! GET. OUT. IN. IT.



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