Salvaged Spirits

urs roma harbingerxx4-1Ursula Roma’s lively and colorful “Northside – Keep It Beautiful” mural greets us daily as we come over the viaduct into Northside. She is a fine artist, designer and sculptor who studied art and design in New York, Ohio and Connecticut. She received both her BFA in design and an MFA in illustration. For over twenty years, she has owned her own business doing commissioned design, illustration and fine art work for local and national clients. She works in a variety of mediums, including: acrylic, oil and

watercolor painting; collage; and pen and ink. Roma also creates mixed-media wall art and sculptures using found objects and salvaged materials. As a seasoned salvager and recycler, she sees potential in all kinds of discarded shapes and objects, and repurposes these pieces into works of fine art.

“I’m driven to collect found objects and other random sculptural forms in order to tell the story of their second life. In that way, I feel like I am salvaging the spirit of the creators of those original parts and collaging them together into a new soul: a mask, a figure, a bird, a fish. These creatures come alive and their spirits call out from their new body,” says Roma.

We love Ursula and are happy to close out 2012 with such a longtime, local favorite. Please join us for cheap wine and beer, SPRING WEATHER IN DECEMBER?!?! and Northside Second Saturdays this weekend!


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