Head In The Clouds

postcard“It’s all in your head: thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and love
are caught in the daydreams of your imagination. They grow and twist like vines in the garden of your mind, spinning webs in the story hidden deep within the secrets of longing, desire and memory. Briefly, these dreams break free and materialize with abandon in the real world. Ultimately, they thrive best when kept locked in your head, where they are held in safety from those who hurt, and remain unbroken and pure.” – ESC

Emily St. Clair is a graphic designer with a degree from DAAP. She also employs herself with her other passions: gardening for Hyde Park Farmer’s Market and baking for her gluten-free bakery. The rest of her time is devoted to her artwork and her lovely daughter. Head In The Clouds is a collection of new and old designs, as well as her T-shirts and prints.

“Keep your head in the clouds, and your feet in the ground.”

We invite you to come get lost in St. Clair’s beautiful pieces and join us, and all of Northside, for the January Edition of Northside Second Saturdays on Saturday, January 12th!


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