Love Kills.

postcard-love-kills-brian-hagen“I asked my psychiatrist to look at my cartoons, and he said:
‘Not now — I’m going through an existential crisis.’
Maybe he was right not to look. My cartoons reveal the treachery of love, sex and trust and make my viewers laugh at the demons hiding in the dark places of their minds.”

Brian Hagen contrasts innocence and heartlessness in pen-and-ink cartoons of vermin and disturbed adults on, his outlet for a constant flow of new comics and art. Hagen’s distractible superhero, known as A.D.D. Man, appears in Twelve-Way with Cheese, a full-color anthology of twelve of Cincinnati’s most creative and successful graphic artists and cartoonists. After having sold his art on the streets of New Orleans and creating full-page illustrations in Florida’s The Gainesville Sun newspaper, he now works designing art for books, local movie posters, his webcomic and galleries.

Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Hagen used his education to teach with the Peace Corps in Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa. He later worked as a deckhand on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico as he created the art for his first published comic. He received a Master of Art degree in mass communication in 2005 at the University of Florida.

Brian resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Natalia and their huge stuffed tiger “Barack.”

Bring your cold, battered, not-so-Valentiney hearts to Fabricate for this February edition of Northside Second Saturdays on February 9th! Warm and lovey hearts welcome too.


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