Jazz Paintings Opening Saturday, June 8th

10032_10151804154638888_1804867658_nThis weekend for Northside Second Saturdays we are excited to partner up with our neighbor, Visionaries and Voices, to bring you “Jazz Paintings.” The weather is looking to be glorious, so it’ll be a perfect night to take a stroll down Hamilton Ave.

Signing every piece of art ‘Romando Love as Manny Love’ Manny embodies the concept of the artist as an extension of one’s personality. Manny’s colorful creations reflect his admiration of jazz, classical, new age and rock music. Using a variety of media, including oil pastel, acrylic, watercolor and clay, Manny works with one image or word-sets to build a series totaling twenty or more individual pieces that are a variation on one theme. From his ‘New Age People of Jazz’ in 2007 to his series ‘Evil Kung Fu Fighting Women’ of 2010, Manny expresses the ongoing struggle between good and evil, past and present, always with a nod to the utopian idea of a ‘New Age World’. Words play an important role in his work, poetically rhythmic ruminations not unlike the jazz rhythms set to type by the Beat Generation: “LIFE IN THE WORLD OF DO-SAINTS OF CLASSIC OF HOLLYWOOD OF FIGHTS OF VET. WAR OF TAI-CHI…”(From Love’s ‘Vietnam War Medals’ series). Manny Love has been a part of several group shows and had a solo exhibition in 2012 entitled NEW AGE OF U.S.

About Visionaries and Voices:

Visionaries + Voices (V+V), established in 2003, is a nonprofit organization providing artistic, cultural and professional opportunities for artists with disabilities. V+V currently serves over 140 artists in the Greater Cincinnati area and has collaborated with over 45 arts agencies, nonprofits, schools and businesses including the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Contemporary Arts Center, and Cincinnati Museum Center. We create a world in which artists with disabilities not only produce and share works of art, but also are given continuous opportunities to learn, develop professionally, collaborate, exhibit, and celebrate with community members.

V+V has two studio locations:

Northside Studio and Gallery
3841 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati OH 45223
Tri-County Studio and Corner Gallery
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati OH 45246



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