goldminepostcard_fabricate“Goldmine” is a collection of new work by Sally Harless, a full-time artist in Bloomington, Indiana. Every piece depicts one of Harless’ favorite animals, each with its own particular golden element. The work is largely about the discovery of hidden confidence, optimism and courage. Her drawings are reminiscent of children’s book illustrations and are a mixture of reverie and autobiography. She loves simplicity, muted colors and inserting elements of subtle humor into her drawings. Harless works in ink and watercolor, and all pieces in this show have been put into ornamental vintage frames to add an element of adornment and nostalgia.

Harless has been drawing and making things her entire life. Her creativity and mediums have had a funny evolution, beginning with drawing with crayons on a concrete porch floor as a small child, to re-creating drawings from books, throwing pottery in high school and writing and illustrating zines in college at Indiana University, where she took every drawing class that was available and earned a BFA in printmaking in 2007. Since graduating, Harless has been showing and selling her work in galleries, stores and indie craft shows around the country. When she isn’t busy drawing animals, she likes going swimming, drinking root beer, playing board games and hanging out with her old chocolate Labrador, Ramsey.

This show is the perfect accompaniment to a whimsical, carefree summer (or at least allows us to live in a world where that possibility exists momentarily). Please join us on Saturday, July 13th for the newest exhibition, whist hopping around the neighborhood for Northside Second Saturdays!


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