Head In The Clouds

“It’s all in your head: thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and love are caught in the daydreams of your imagination. They grow and twist like vines in the garden of your mind, spinning webs in the story hidden deep within the secrets of longing, desire and memory. Briefly, these dreams break free and materialize with abandon … Continue reading

Salvaged Spirits

Ursula Roma’s lively and colorful “Northside – Keep It Beautiful” mural greets us daily as we come over the viaduct into Northside. She is a fine artist, designer and sculptor who studied art and design in New York, Ohio and Connecticut. She received both her BFA in design and an MFA in illustration. For over … Continue reading

Celebrating Three Years!!!

We’ll be celebrating our three year anniversary with an opening reception for our new show Tabula Rasa.  Tabula Rasa is a small collection of painted illustrations by Sara Gelbert, which represent the awe of nature after half a decade in an urban environment. The neglected becomes essential. Ignored details are the focus. The natural beauty … Continue reading

Bellow & Roost

Fabricate is psyched to present Bellow & Roost: A Seasonal Manifestation.  This show is a collaborative effort by Ali and Michelle Calis to celebrate the magic and mystery of the autumnal season; when the living goes dormant, the air turns crispy, and the skies grey. With a rustic unorthodox technique, they muster up the enchantment … Continue reading

That’s Just A Myth

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” This was the mentality Michael Hurst had growing up in the suburbs. When he got older, he moved into the city and made a startling discovery: there is no grass there! His work is heavily influenced by his lifelong infatuation with city life. … Continue reading

Tough Love

Evangeline Bauerle was born and raised in the K.Y. and has a day gig as a designer at Landor. It was like pulling teeth to extract an artist bio from her, even though in real life she’s amazingly sassy, smart and witty, albeit with a soft-spoken voice and a side o’ shy. This was the … Continue reading

PROJECTMILL Presents: Origin Story

The diverse members of the Projectmill creative collective are combining their superpowers for a new show this month at Fabricate. Best known for the popular dance night DANCE_MF, this collective is full of graphic designers, musicians, writers, painters and filmmakers, and this is the first time their wide range of works will be displayed in … Continue reading

Oh, Smell the People!

On Saturday, June 9th from 6-10 PM, Fabricate features the opening reception for “Oh, Smell the People!” by Michael Reuter. Reuter considers himself a product of the “Big Three”… for better or worse. Growing up in the Midwest, he was raised among the giants of America’s past. Once home to powerful institutions of labor and … Continue reading


This month Fabricate features LUCID’12: A special exhibition by the DAAP Senior Industrial Design class known as “UCID’12.” UCID’12 is comprised of forty-nine people who have spent five long years designing together. They are now coming upon their final presentation of work for the DAAPWorks Senior Industrial Design Exhibition in June, and are aiming to put … Continue reading


Be riddled with joy. Celebrate life. All of it. The reason to celebrate is here and now and everywhere. Then spread your joy around so others can revel in it. This gathering of needle-worked photos and assemblages is a little glimpse at how Abby Langdon (abbydid) looks at the world. “My intent is to be … Continue reading