November 2010

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for HUMAN/NATURE: New Works And Things By Ryan P. Young on Saturday, October 9th from 7–11 p.m. This collection of work focuses on the tendencies of the human race through the lens of human evolution.

Ryan P. Young is native to the Cincinnati area. His works focus on both human form and the human condition. He has previously shown his artwork in Brooklyn, Chicago, Colorado, Portland and numerous places in Ohio.

“The human race has a profound effect on its surroundings. Our actions have repercussions that reach far beyond human existence and that will long outlive us. From a rhetorical standpoint, the work evokes several questions: Do we, as humans, evolve morally at the same rate that we evolve technologically? What about the innocent bystanders who have no say in the matter? Must we answer to them? These questions are certainly worth consideration,” ponders Young.

This show serves as a further exploration of the possible consequences of our technological advancements. Much of the human race tends to have a negligent attitude toward the environment. The Do-It-Yourself movement is one response that attempts to address this issue.

“Each piece illustrates the delicate relationship between humans and the environment. Furthermore, it explores the repercussions that human habits inflict upon our cohabitants. Wood-cut, hybrid animal shapes are juxtaposed with painted illustrations of animals taking on human tasks. Additional layered imagery depicts human domination of the environment. The crafts are symbolic of a disengagement from this seemingly, unstoppable cycle,” says Young.

If you didn’t make the opening, please visit us during our regular business hours to check out the show!


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