Coined by Tor Nørretranders in his book The User Illusion, the word “exformation” refers to explicitly discarded information. When two people with a shared understanding or experience communicate, there is a vast amount of information that is left unsaid and only implied. Shared context provides the meaning. Shorthand messages and suggestive body language can speak … Continue reading

Shameless Traveler

Shameless Traveler is a collection of photographs taken over two years, across twenty-three countries, and three continents. Stephen Bischoff set his camera, and his heart, to discover the beautiful in the mundane, the weird and the extraordinary. “This collection of photographs is a dedication to the shared experience of life on this planet, which in … Continue reading

Tough Love

Evangeline Bauerle was born and raised in the K.Y. and has a day gig as a designer at Landor. It was like pulling teeth to extract an artist bio from her, even though in real life she’s amazingly sassy, smart and witty, albeit with a soft-spoken voice and a side o’ shy. This was the … Continue reading

Oh, Smell the People!

On Saturday, June 9th from 6-10 PM, Fabricate features the opening reception for “Oh, Smell the People!” by Michael Reuter. Reuter considers himself a product of the “Big Three”… for better or worse. Growing up in the Midwest, he was raised among the giants of America’s past. Once home to powerful institutions of labor and … Continue reading

We Are Nowhere And It’s Now

This month Fabricate features the opening reception for “We Are Nowhere And It’s Now” on Saturday, October 8th from 6-10 PM. Mixed Media Paintings + Sculpture by Lizz Godfroy (Lily In Flux) In 1998, Lizz Godfroy went on a road trip across the country with her mom. She’d been dying to see the open road … Continue reading


This month Fabricate features the opening reception for HOLEhearted on Saturday, February 12th from 7-11 p.m. Not everyone is all warm and fuzzy about love circa Valentine’s Day. Sometimes love goes awry. Sometimes your affections go unrequited. This show is about that: The cavernous black hole of pain that resides in your heart where love … Continue reading

Crafty Supermarket Applications Are Open!!!

Hey Fabricate fans and consignors! Crafty Supermarket is accepting applications from February 1st to March 15th. Be sure to mark your calendars for May 7th!

Crafty Supermarket Was AWESOME!!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Crafty Supermarket last weekend. We had a great day meeting so many new people and seeing so many familiar faces. As we were setting up we snapped this picture of the crowd waiting around the corner to get in! If you missed the show, don’t worry! … Continue reading

Crafty Supermarket!!!

This is a picture from the spring Crafty Supermarket. Now that our one year anniversary/grand reopening is behind us, we are getting ready for the next exciting thing on our schedule…CRAFTY SUPERMARKET HOLIDAY SHOW on November 20th at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center! Check out the Crafty Supermarket website for more information including vendor highlights. … Continue reading